Monday, January 26, 2015

Go written by Katie B.


    Mr. Black was an old man who lived ion a small wooden cottage on the water. He only had one daughter and a granddaughter whose name was Ruby.
    One hot summer day 4 year old Ruby sat on her grandfathers’ lap nearly crying.
   “Grampa,  you are going to go soon. I don’t want you to leave,.”Ruby said
    “I will never go without saying goodbye’.” Mr. Black said
    Tthat day Ruby went home with her mom.
   When they got home Ruby plopped on the couch and started to ball.
    “ Mom grandpas gonna go and I won't say goodbye and-”Ruby cried just as her mom interrupted her.
    “ Thats not true. I heard him say that he would never leave without you saying goodbye.”
    Ruby looked at her mom like she had six heads then ran to her room singing a cheerful song.
    Just as Ruby sat on the bed she realized that she had forgot Mr. Tom her toy dog at the small cottage.
    She ran out with a scared look on her face.
    “Mom I left Mr. Tom at grandpas. Can we go get him?’
    “Ya I need to grab my bag while we are at it.”
    On the ten minute ride from their house to Mr. Blacks they sang to song on the radio as loud as the could. Ruby felt much better.
  They knocked on the door but the old man didn't answer so they opened the door and slowly walked in.
    Mr. Black was nowhere to be found.
    “ Mom where is grandpa. I don’t see him anywhere?” little Ruby asked scared.
    Rubys mom was sitting on the kitchen floor staring at the old Mr. Black just laying      there as still as still could be his pale face lightened by only the sun’s bright rays shining through the old glass window.
    “Ruby grandpas gone!’ her mother cried.
    Ruby ran over to look then when she saw the horrible sight she started hitting and screaming at her mom.
    “You said that he would never go mom you said he would stay! You said so mom!”
    “Ruby sweety I meant that he was going on a three month vacation in russia because of his retirement.” her mom said grabbing the phone to call 911.
    Tears soaked little Ruby's eyes as she looked down at her grandpa's gentle face when his eyes slowly opened as he breathed slowly.
    Ruby smiled and kissed his cheek.
    She sang one of his favorite songs to him as he fell back into a deep sleep.
    When the ambulance arrived they told Ruby and her mom that he had a heart attack but he would recover quickly and as soon as he got out of the hospital he had to come live with an elderly home.
    Ruby insisted that he was to live with them. So that was the way it would be.
    Ruby and her mom followed the ambulance to the hospital not singing a song found on the radio but Mr. Black’s favorite song. “Silent night”.



Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Unbroken by Austin B.

Unbroken                                                By:Austin Britton

 It is said a lot happens in life. For example you learn something new each day. Some people say their life sucks, it may seem so to them. But I believe that life is a given. I’m just here to tell you a little story on my life. My name is Jane Smith.

My life has gotten worse ever since the beginning of the wonderful season of spring in 2014. Or at least I thought it would be.

It all started when my best frenemy Molly Whitman decided to blame me for smoking in the girl’s bathroom. When I knew from the start it was classic Molly and I don’t even smoke never have never will. I got called to the principal's office not long after I had heard what Molly said. When I arrived at the principal’s office Molly was there and Mrs.Kent was furious. She I need to stop lying and that Molly was telling the truth and that Molly was all so an eye witness. Ha eye my face. I was so mad that I had to think twice on if I should punch Molly.

I ended  up getting 5 detentions each two and a half hours long and a call home of course. Mrs.Kent called my Mom and told what had happened and asked if I could serve one tonight she answered with a very deep yes. I asked Mrs.Kent if I could talk to her she said yes and I tried to talk to her but she said she didn’t want to hear it and hung up.

School had just let out after sitting through 45 minutes of Science with a guilty conscience.I was so nervous tat I felt vomiting.It was now time for detention number 1.I had to stay for  2 hours for five days which was bad but I atleast was in my favorite teachers room Mr.Tall’s. I moaned in despair I was also embarrassed because I was the only one there.I really thought that this needed to change like right now and that I was innocent.Mr.Tall then asked me if I had any work to do I replied with no sir.Mr.Tall said that he believed me and that Molly had pulled this crap since he first had her in 6th grade for homeroom.Even though she is in 8th grade now which is kind of pathetic considering  she is almost a women.

Mr.Tall then started talking about his life and that he had been in the same position just a different conflict. I had realized that it was time to go when Mrs.Kent and my mom busted through the door.They both sat down to talk to me and said that what I did was very wrong.I tried to tell them but again they didn’t listen.

Mom then said lets go home now and we walked to the car with mom slamming her door closed. We drove for a little and I realized that my mom was being quiet and that is not her my mom is always talkative.I attempted to ask what was wrong.Then at the top of her lungs she screamed you got caught smoking in the bathroom!She then started saying ever since your dad left you've been getting in trouble like every day now its always something new and that needs to stop starting tomorrow I answered with an ok.we had just gotten home when we finished talking.I went inside immediately and went straight to my room.I thought why would Molly do this but then I realized that she is Molly and I can’t change that.I and need to get my story straight and that  needed to happen tomorrow.

I woke up ready for school. I got dressed ate my breakfast then mom drove me to school quiet again.I got out ready for my day and to achieve my goal.I confronted Mrs.Kent about my issue and she said that I was inasent the whole time.It was Molly she also said that she was sorry and I didn’t need to worry about it anymore.It was a miracle!

I then went on with my day like normal and with a smile right after school mom picked me up with a sudden smile as soon as she laid eyes on me.We drove straight home mom said that she was proud of me for telling the truth and that she was sorry and I was to. We then went inside again I went straight to my room like normal and thinking about getting an early rest considering it was 8 o clock now. I then laid my head on my pillow Unbroken.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Compare and contrast writting

To me, there are two very big innovations involved in the developing of America’s, face, you could say. What pops into people’s minds when they think of the U.S. I’m talking about America’s teens, and their technology. Technology changes everything, people’s jobs, their entertainment, and their attitude.
    So I’m sure you all know about the ipod, and the tablet, the iphone, kindle, ipad, and smart phones. Then every single one of those things have about 50 different versions, but I can still remember what I used to listen to songs on when I was just little. On car rides I would plug one of those big headset into this portable little CD player. If you stretch your hand out wide, that’a about how big it was. Now I’ve got this little tiny thing that fits in the palm of my hand, and not only does it play songs, but it also downloads movies, records my voice, takes pictures, photoshops pictures, and that doesn’t even begin to cover everything. I think it’s really cool how people came up with these things, and then condensed them down into these small boxes that don’t show what really goes on inside.
    Where to start? Well I guess size is a good place to start. They now have ipods with a square inch face and is less than half a centimeter in width. I wish I could travel to 1980, show random faces on the sidewalk that, and see what they would say about it. Probably the same thing a six year old now would say about an old juke box. What is it? I wish that they could see where all of this started and where all of these ideas for things came from.
    And what about headphones. Those aren’t so different. Some of them anyways. There are, of corse the classic huge headphones that you see people wear around their necks and walk around thinking “I’m so cool. Look at me with my huge headphones,” By the way, they are way wrong. Anyways, there are also earbuds, which are smaller, and a little more current.
    Also the size of cell phones has majorly decreased. Cell phones used to be huge, and you would carry them around in a big huge bag, or they would be fixed in your car so that they stay there. Also, the nightmare of any now a day teen, no texting, but having one of these phones was like having a version of the iphone a month before it came out.
    Next topic would be what these items were and are capable of. The ipod and the juke box are closely related. They do almost the same thong only ones a lot smaller. On the ipod you buy a song for a dollar or so and you get to listen to that song whenever you want. The juke box would be about the same price only you had to pay every time you wanted to listen to that song. Seeing how this has changed is really cool because everything is so different but so the same idea, even when they change.
    The headphones still do basically the same thing except with higher quality. So next up is iphones and bag/car phones. The only thing the bag/car phone did was make phone calls now, iphones do almost everything except fly.
    Technology has improved majorly and everything has been made smaller and more efficiant. I think it’s really cool to look at the progress that technology has made and to learn about what things used to be. I only wish that they’ll create a time machine so that I could see it for myself.
~Emily McPhail

Friday, May 10, 2013

Amazing Dogs by Nikyla

        I ran up the stairs. Suddenly I felt droplets of water fall down my face. Why does he have to suffer? Why does this happen to me? I finally get close to him and he’s soon to be gone? Maybe I’m just bad luck. Maybe he’s suffering because of me... I walk slowly toward my dog, as he was struggling to get up and greet me. He failed, his efforts were pointless. Every time I came home, Max and my other dog Kaydi used to greet me with hugs and kisses. But today was different. Today was just starting and would soon end another precious life that I called mine. I lost my grandfather two months before, and now him? Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. My mother knew he was suffering, so without telling my brother and I she dropped us off at my Aunts and left with Max. Soon to return without him in the car. I knew what happened... I understand she didn’t want him to suffer.
       I have never seen my dad cry until that day, Max was my fathers pride and joy. Months after his passing, Kaydi was like a zombie. She lost her best friend that she loved and adored... Neither would she wouldn’t eat much or drink. They loved eachother more than we would ever know. Soon, after months of weeping, we couldn’t take it anymore. We decided to look for a dog. My parents found a puppy named Lucas that they wanted so we went to get him that day. While trying to get home, our truck broke down in a place with no phone signal. Besides the point, Kaydi and our family was happy again.
Little did we know that almost a year later we would have a huge surprise in our lives. Which I was very excited to hear that Kaydi was going to have baby puppies! Ten puppies were born on the Fourth of July. That year, my best friend Shroomy Waddles was born. We had two black, one brown, five black and white, and two brown and white. My dad saved two of their lives, when they were born dead. Unfortunately 6 months later, one of them died by getting run over by a truck. I know good things can come out of bad, but I have learned that all you have to do is stick in there.
Shroomy and Max are a lot alike. They both; are black and white. They’re so cuddly and sweet, all you want to do is squeeze them and not let them go. They have big heads, which I think of it as more to love. Max was very Gentle, so is Shroomy. The first things you notice about them is that had big brown sparkly eyes and soft fur. They are both really playful, Max used to play with Kaydi all the time. He used to jump around with his tongue sticking out with a big smile on his face. Shroomy does the same but when he runs he does this gallop. I am writing this because they are both amazing dogs.
These dogs are also very different; Shroomy has head seizures often, and we have no idea why. Max was fine until he had a tumor on his spinal chord, he was completely parallelized neck down. Shroomy is the biggest food hound I will ever meet in my life, but Max was not really a big food hound. Max had different markings than Shroomy, Max didn’t have any designs in his fur. Shroomy does, he has a pig shape, and a mushroom shape. I bet I could find a hundred different shapes in his fur.
    They have shaped me into a good and loving person. Without them I don’t know how I’d be today. I probably wouldn’t have the need to help animals if it wasn’t for them. I may have a rough exterior, but inside I’m more loving. You’d know that if you really knew me.They will always be in my heart for the rest of my life.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Times Have Changed & So Have I.

Georgia Connell
Imagine someone handed you a book of your life would you read it till the very end? I know I would. The younger me and the person I am today are completely two different people. Changing is perfectly fine, we all do it. The person I was a few years a go is WAY different from the person I am today.

Yes, I’ve changed a lot but I’ve also stayed the same for example I still enjoy playing soccer, basketball, and softball. I’m still close to my mother, and have never been with my father. Still going back and forth between living with mom or dad. I’m still trying to be happy, but it’s getting better.

Differences would be that I don’t really know who I can trust or who are my friends, back when I was little I was friends with everyone. Now I’m lucky that I have one. I don’t have the same bonds that I used to. I’m horrible at making friends. I’ve been crushed so much that I push people away because I’m scared that they will hurt me just like everyone else did.

My point is, that it is okay to change, people do it everyday. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. For the most part I think I’ve changed for the better. Yes, I’ve made mistakes and done things I highly regret now, but who hasn’t? No one’s perfect, so don’t try to be. Life’s hard but you’ll make it through.

Little Me, Me Now

Madison Thornton 

  I have changed a lot since I was little, but who hasn’t? Some good and some bad. I am going to be telling you some of those changes. The similarities and differences from when I was little. The changes have been looks, academically, and sports. I like the changes I’ve made, and where I’m going in life, but sometimes I wish I could go back and do it all over again. 
    I have changed since I was little, there aren’t a lot of similarities because I have changed a lot. When I was little, I was hyper. Nothing has changed for that part. I would run around like crazy and I still do that, ask anyone. I still have the same long, shiny, brown hair. The same bright, sparkly, blue eyes. The part of all this, that is most important, is that they are both me. I will always have a part of that little me on the inside.
    Now, I have to admit that I have an attitude, that can be bad at times. I might still be short, but I actually have grown a lot since I was little.  I use to play basketball, but now I’m a cheerleader. I also play soccer and softball, but I have been playing those sports ever since I could kick or throw something. I have improved at the sports I play, ever since I started playing them. I’m in advanced math. I think I have always been a little ahead of the regular math, but I just started advanced math in 5th grade. It’s a great new challenge for me and I am glad to have the skills that I do. I think I have matured since I was little. I might have some immature moments, but for the most part I think I have matured. I don’t dress like a princess every day anymore, I don’t wear my hair in pigtails, I wasn’t very good at sports, and I couldn’t read very well. I think I’ve changed a lot.
    So, the reason I chose little me and me now to compare and contrast, was to make my mind go back in time and see how much I’ve changed. I haven’t really thought about it much. This is a learning experience for me too. I haven’t really thought about it. Based on the changes from when I was little, I like the direction I’m going in. If I keep changing in these ways, I believe that I will have a good future.If you get a chance, think about how much you have changed, and what direction your going in. It might surprise you.

Life of Softball and Basketball (By: Mariah Young)

   Softball and basketball are my favorite sports to play (if you don’t count horseback riding as a sport). I have many experiences in softball and basketball, good and bad. An imperfect experience that I will always remember in softball and basketball are hurting my fingers. I have fractured five fingers during basketball and have jammed my fingers multiple times in softball catching the ball bare handed. I just assume that either softball and basketball don’t like my fingers, or my fingers don’t like them.
However, I am not here to tell you about all my experiences with these, sports and what I like and don’t like about them. I am here to tell you about the similarities and differences.
    Softball and basketball are two different sports with many similarities. The obvious similarity is they are both sports. That isn’t the only similarity. They also involve balls, there a team sport, there are girls and mens teams, there is running, and the team with the highest score wins. Also there are national sports teams for both sports. These teams are NSA (National Softball Association) and the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). In both sports there is extended arm action. This is a key part of both sports. In softball you use extended arm action when you straighten your arm when throwing the ball, and you would use this action in basketball when you are shooting the basketball to shoot. I also have similarities in my opinion. Those similarities are their fun and their the only sports that I play other than horseback riding. You know see that there are many similarities but there are even more of them if you wanted to get into the little details, but it would take forever to list them.
     Know let’s have a conversation on softball and basketball and their differences. Softball uses a smaller ball as basketball uses a larger ball. The ball you use in softball is either a twelve inch softball or eleven inch softball (mostly twelve though). The ball in basketball is 28.5 inches (girls). In softball to play you need to have at least nine players to play a game on each team if not more. As in basketball you need at least five players on each team if not more. To score in softball you need to make it all around the bases and back to home plate and they are called runs. In basketball you need to shot the basketball up in the hoop and the ball needs to go through the basketball to make a score and they are called baskets. The most two most obvious differences between the two sports are were you play and what you wear. In softball you play outdoors on a dirt field and wear softball pants, a t-shirt or tank top, long socks, a visor, and cleats. You play basketball inside on a court in a gym. You wear shorts, b-ball socks, a tank top, and sneakers (preferably b-ball sneakers).
    As a result more kids should get involved in more sports and after school activities. When kids get involved in sports they need to keep their grades up in school and need to keep them at a seventy and above average. Being in sports also helps them stay out of trouble and be more active instead of sitting at home like a couch potato. Sports will also help some kids get scholarships to colleges so they don’t have to pay their full way in or don’t have to pay at all. If more kids get involved with sports their won’t be so many gangs and other thing similar to gangs. Then the streets will be safer and it will be a happier world. I just want to point out that softball and basketball with always be a part of school sports if more kids want to play them. Softball and basketball are sports that will get kids active and off the streets. Let’s make U.S.A a better and safer country for kids to grow up in. Get off the streets and get active.

Matt P.'s compare and contrast essay

Julia and I, then and now

     Relationships change over time, and so do maturity levels, interests, knowledge, and talents. All the previous contributed to the change in my sister’s relationship with me. Julia and I have been mostly friends ever since she could walk and talk. We have always been there for each other in times of struggle.
      We have always bothered each other and hate each other for 5 minutes, but we can’t stay mad and become friends again because we have been growing closer all these years that we have been alive. We have always played similar sports, such as baseball and softball, and basketball. We always have fun together outside. We joke around a lot and both get the jokes, so that makes it better. When Julia and I bicker, we both know what it is about because we are trying to irritate each other. Thankfully neither of us have gotten seriously hurt because of our disagreements.
      Although we still get along, we have changed a lot between then and now. We have grown apart, not much, but some. Our bond is growing closer, though. We are friends most of the time, but less than we did when we were younger. If I took a guess, I would say that Julia and I are friends around 60% of the time as opposed to when we were younger we were friends about 90%. I was 9 and Julia was 7. Disaster came when Julia got smarter. She figured out what irritates me and she does it all the time, just to annoy me. Luckily I figured out what irritates her! Julia is a very unpredictable child. She will be cruel to me one minute and kind the next. I, on the other hand, stay one way, predictable.
      In conclusion, my relationship with Julia has changed a lot, but it has also stayed the same. I wrote this to realize how much things change, and I discovered that things change a lot. I didn’t realize how much our relationship has changed until I wrote this paper.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sonic 3, or Sonic 2. Compare and Contrast Essay

Sonic 3 and Sonic 2 Compare and Contrast
By: Dax C

    Sonic the Hedgehog is a character in a popular game series. He was in his first game in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog. I am going to compare and contrast two of his earlier games, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Personally, I think that Sonic 3 is better. First, let’s talk about what each game is about. The game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was about a blue Hedgehog named Sonic, and his buddy Miles Prower, also know as Tails, who had to go defeat the evil Dr. Robotnik. That game was the 2nd console game Sonic starred in, which was released in 1992. In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic and Tails again had to defeat Dr. Robotnik. It was released in 1994. This game, actually, was the 4th console game Sonic starred in. The 3rd was Sonic the Hedgehog CD, which was released in 1993. That game was about traveling trough time. It was also released for the Sega Genesis, with the Sega CD attachment. This essay will explain some of the similarities, and differences between Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

    There are many similarities between Sonic 2, and Sonic 3. In both the games, you could play as Sonic, Tails, or both. As an added bonus feature, if you used the lock-on feature of Sonic and Knuckles with these 2 games, you could play as Knuckles in them. These games were released for the system called the Sega Genesis, which had 16 bit graphical capacity. But if you used the 32x add on, you could play 32 bit games. If you chose play as both Sonic and Tails, you could have a person plug in another controller to play as Tails. These games both include the 7 Chaos Emeralds. If you could collect all 7 of them by playing the special stages, you could get Super Sonic. Both games also included rings, which you could collect. If you collected 100 of them, you could earn an extra “life”.

    There are many differences between Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. In Sonic 2, if you played as Tails, he was just like Sonic, but shorter. But if you played as him in Sonic 3, he could use his two tails in a propeller motion, allowing him to fly! This is one major improvement that made me like Sonic 3 better. It showed more ability, instead of having Tails be pretty much just like Sonic. Well, also in both of the games, you went through zones. In Sonic 3, there were 6 zones, each with 2 acts. In Sonic 2 though, it was a lot more complicated. there was 11 zones. 3 zones had 1 act, 7 zones had 2 acts, and 1 zone had 3 acts. In these games, you went through special stages. They were accessed in different ways though. In Sonic 2, you got into the special stage by collecting 50 rings, and touching a sign post. But in Sonic 3, you had to find the hidden giant rings in the acts. Sign post still were in Sonic 3. If you collected 50 rings and touched one, you would be transported to a place with bumpers, where you could collect items that fell out of a giant gum ball machine. In that minigame, you could get rings, a bubble, a giant bumper, and shields. In Sonic 3, there were 3 different types of shields. With Sonic you could get a fire shield, which lets you jump then do a quick boost to the way you’re facing, a bubble shield, which lets you breathe underwater and bounce, and a lightning shield, which magnetics rings to you and lets you do a double jump. With Tails, you could still get the shields, but you couldn’t bounce with the bubble shield, or get the boost with the fire shield, or do a double jump with the lightning shield. Sonic 2 only had one shield, which basically only let you get protected from one hit.The last difference I have to share, is that you could save in Sonic 3, but not in Sonic 2. That feature I really liked, because I don’t usually play one game for a very long time, so it’s nice to be able to continue later on.

    Those are the differences, and similarities that I have for the two games Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Both were great games, but still, I like Sonic 3 better. A quote from IGN (a game rating company) pretty much agrees with me, and says, "Sonic 1 we called impressive. Sonic 2 we labeled great. Sonic 3, though, is the best of them all – and deservingly earns the highest score of the trilogy.” Well, you may be wondering now, why I choose these two games as my topic? Actually, I was born in 2000. That is when the Nintendo 64 was out, and the Sega Dreamcast was just getting started. When I was 4 though, I didn’t have any of those ‘new’ consoles. I had a Sega Genesis. Sonic was all I knew about. Mario wasn’t even known to exist to me. So, I grew up with these games. I thought it would be nice to choose 2 of these games for my topic. That is why Sonic 2 and 3 were my topic. So in conclusion, Sonic 3, is a lot better than Sonic 2.

∞Forever Young∞

       Remember when we were young and everything was so beautiful? Do you also remember when you were young, you wanted to grow up? Nobody actually wants to grow up, we just want the freedom to use our youth. As a child, I would dream the wildest things that I would do as I got older. I never thought those dreams were true, but as Walt Disney used to say, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

       I have a couple of similarities from when I was a child to now. I do have the same interests. Ever since I was 2, I’ve been going to Speedway 95 to support my god dad, Dj Moody. He races #34 in Late Model. I’ve always wanted to follow in his foot steps and start racing my own race car. The youngest racer is in the class “bomber” and is 12 or 13 years old. I wanted to start racing when I got my license like some of the other racers. I’ve always wanted to start In “bomber” and make my way up to the big boys, which is Late Model. That’s how Dj started, he started out as Bomber, then to sportsman. He stuck with sportsman until this year. This year is his 1st year in Late Model. He never went to Street stalk. I think I would skip it too. I also am still interested in Art. I’ve always liked to draw, paint, sketch, you name it.

       I may have some similarities, but I’m definitely not the same person I used to be. Ever since I moved, I changed. I understand that some of you disagree, but Its true. My personality when I was little was girly, sporty, colorful, shy, happy and hyper. Now I’m having a difficult time with depression, I’m not has happy as I used to be, I don’t play any sports and Sometimes I wear dark clothes. I’m out there and not afraid of talking to people I don’t know. I also have a different taste in clothes and music. When I was little I wore bright colorful clothes from Justice and Walmart. Now I get clothes from Hot Topic, Delias, Kohl’s, and T.J. Maxx. My mood has definitely changed.  I used to be happy all the time.  That isn’t the case anymore.  I admit, I am happy back in Hancock, but I am not so happy with my past.  I have depression issues and now I take pills for it. 

        I know it may seem I’ve been talking a lot about myself.  But it’s easier for me to express it in my writing then face to face with no words to support.  I wrote my essay about the changes I’ve been going through because there has been a lot of changes in my life the past couple of months.  I am strong or at least I used to be.  I’m beautiful or at least that’s what I see.  I am confident, or at least I act like I am.  People change for two reasons.  They have learned a lot or they’ve been hurt too many times.  I am still the same person I was, or am I?

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Small Spark

I awoke from my sleep, stretching my long, quick limbs. Behind me I looked, and thought I had grown wings for a second. But I hadn’t. Sadly. Mommy told me it would be some time during her hard work hours that they’d grow. It was the middle of that time. No wings.
Beside me was dad. He looked strong, powerful, and peaceful in his sleep. I wanted to be just like him. I didn’t care how much work it took, I wanted to be dad’s little spark of hope. I admired dad’s choices, and tried literally to follow in his footsteps.
Then as I arouse, continuing to stretch, dad had groaned and turned over in his slumber. I cautiously tiptoed off, in search for mom.
“Hello hun.” Mom chimed as I came into view. “I haven’t been able to catch a second mouse, so once you finish this one, can you catch dad one before he wakes up?”
“For sure, mommy!” I smiled. Finally, a chance to run around!
I lurked across the empty halls for a few minutes. Crouching low, I made my way to an area with a possible mouse inhabitant. My nose senses weren’t too strong, but I could tell there was a mouse in there. I waited, then I heard its nearby chipping.
A little bit closer... And SNATCH!
My paw brought up a full-grown mouse. Perfect size too!

A long time passed before my dad drooped from our tiny bedroom.
“Hey daddy! Mom told me to catch a mouse for you!” I held up the squirmy mouse to him.
“Thanks Zappy, I really appreciate this.” Dad managed a lazy smirk to show he cared, then took the mouse and ate it. Moments later, he turned back to me and asked, 
“Have you gotten any bigger or stronger in the last few days?”
“Quicker, definitely.” I replied with pride.
“Good, now I’m gonna go take a nap. I came out here to see if you were okay.” He yawned then limped back into the bedroom again.
So strong! I thought. The rest of the day, though, I spent exploring. Then at one point, I found a small little cavern. Peeking outside, I saw something I’ve never seen before. Green, and above were shades of blue and white. Outside looked so different, so I decided to take a look!

As I was trotting around, those humans were everywhere. Running, walking, screeching. I stumbled upon a big stretch of green. Big buildings surrounded me. A big can towered over my little body, and it had an odd smell!
All of a sudden, the can moved. I cautiously pushed it, and it moved again! Curious, I zapped the contents of whatever was inside the opened can.
“Youch!” A high pitch screech responded. “What’s the big deal?” Seconds later, a creatures head appeared from the top of the can.
“Oh my goodness I’m so sorry!” I rapidly stammered and bowed my head in shame. “Strike me if you’d like, I’m so sorry for my rash behavior!”
“Whoa whoa whoa little guy.” The creature leaped from the can gracefully and cleaned its paws.
“You have paws! And a tail!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah, who doesn’t? Other than those humans.” Black fur whipped across her face, showing me her glowing blue eyes.
“But, what are you?” I mused in curiosity.
“Me? Oh, I’m Alley, the cat.” She mewled in sassy pride. “I dunno why I was named that though. Some human over there kept calling me alley cat.” Alley motioned to a nearby building. “I just kinda got used to that name.” She smiled in a cat way.
“Ah. A cat... I’ve never heard of those before.” My eyes glimmered with amazement.
“What’re you?”
“My name’s Zappy! I’m a dragon!” I replied with dignity.
“Humph, only heard of ‘em.” Alley sassed and whipped a tuff of fur behind her ear. “I heard they have wings. So you can’t possibly be a dragon.”
“I am! I’m just too young! I’ll grow them soon!” I couldn’t believe she didn’t trust my word!
“Oh whatever... By the way, what are you doing out here anyways?”
“I came out here to explore!”
“Huh. A naive little one.” Her tail lashed and she began trotting away, “see ya kid.”
Something inside me tumbled a feeling of anger. A thing I’ve never really felt. “Hey! Wait!” I ran and quickly caught up with the cat, matching her stride, which was much slower than mine. “Headed somewheres?”
“Na, just wanna walk.” She giggled softly, “and get away from you.”
I grew silent, and stopped in my tracks. “That’s not nice to say.” I glared at her and my tail lashed. Alley just knew how to aggravate me.
“Sorry kid, I guess life ain’t too nice then.” Her shoulder blades made a shrugging motion, and she continued walking.
“Hey, can you help me with something?” I asked because I had gotten a great idea.
“I need to free my parents from this building... see...”

In The Tunnel

Apparently, the note of my disappearance, spread around. A human sent one of its fellow pets, called a dog, to fetch me.

“Hurry up Alley!” I hollered loudly, hearing a rushing monster fly by.
“Just wait...” Alley panted from afar. “For a small little one, you can run so, so fast.”
As Alley caught up, I let her take a break. Looking around, I investigated our surroundings. A tunnel was ahead, followed by suspicious tracks.
“Ugh, are we seriously gonna go in the train tunnel?” Alley murmured in irritation.
“Yes, we’ll hide on the sides if we hear it coming.” I responded.

About halfway through the tunnel we heard roaring. Looking behind us, we saw the blinding lights.
“Run!” Alley hollered and bolted. I did too. By just a hair, we escaped. Yet as we tumbled into safety, a growling snarl met our faces.
“Oh no... It’s a dog.” Alley said as we lifted our heads. “Play dead.” She whispered into my ear.
I did as she said, guessing she knew more about these dogs than I did. I was then met by nuzzling, and couldn’t resist opening my eyes. The dog had reared back at my action, and lifted me up by the scruff.
“Zappy!” Alley mewled and attacked the dog. It dropped me, and I landed swiftly to the ground. Surprised, but uninjured. Miraculously.
“How dare you attack a small one like him!” Alley hissed, and swiped another attack on the dog.
It growled, “I’m Bull. I have come here on the telling of my owner.” The dog growled and faced me. “I must bring Zappy back to the power plant.”
“I don’t want to go back yet! Not under the command of those horrible humans!” I barked at him
“Too bad!” Bull snarled and lunged for me. I zoomed away from him, and took off a distance. “Alley!” I called for her.
“Coming!” She hollered back, and began running. Sadly, Bull lifted her also swiftly from the ground by her neck.
“No! Alley!” I screamed.
Bull muffled through Alley’s fur, “now come ‘ere, or I’ll dump your little friend in the lake.”
Alley yowled in response. My anger surged through me, like an electric circuit. I owned my mouth, expecting to yell, but instead, bolting lightning across the field and straight towards Bull. He was shocked, literally! Alley was barely affected from the bolt, and landed fast on her feet, scurrying, fleeted, to my side. We turned and ran towards town, leaving Bull in the dust.

Planning To Action
“So you said you wanted to free your parents. From this, nuclear power plant? Inhabited by hundreds of humans?” Alley spat a me in disbelief. “Are you crazy?”
“Nope!” I piped. “I think it’ll work, surely!”
Alley sighed, “fine, I’ll help, but I better get some catnip for this.”

“How will we do this?” We were marching along the highway, I was sneaking in every crevice and behind every sign.
“I think if we just run in, if you distract them, I’ll take care of the rest.” I replied, peeking from a mailbox. “Now let’s hurry!”
“Wait!” I heard a roar from behind, when I turned to look, Bull jumped and tackled me to the ground. Not again!
“You’ve just made my job easier. I can’t wait for my reward biscuit!” I was lifted from the scruff again.
“He just never learns...” Alley rolled her eyes and pounced for Bull’s forepaws.
“Not this time!” Bull swiped Alley to the side like opening a curtain.
“Alley!” I squirmed, and struggled. “Wait Bull! I need to tell you something!”
“Sh, little lizard.” Bull grunted. “You have no right to talk to something bigger than you are.”
“I’m not that small!” I yelped. “Hey, then why do you listen to those evil humans!”
That caught Bull off guard. He froze in place, and set me down. “You’re right. I shouldn’t. I’ve been ordered and bossed around too long.”
“Then you should help us raid the power plant!” I urged.
“You would be a great edition...” Alley panted as she met up with us.
“Edition? What am I? An object?”

The Raid

Bull roamed through the door. I bolted through the room, heading as fast as I could to the door which held my parents. The door was locked, and I couldn’t find the key.
“Mom! Dad!” I yelled against the door.
“Zappy? Is that you? Oh my gosh! We were so worried about you!” It was my mother’s voice.
“Can you break out of there?” I whimpered.
“Yes, let me get your father.” I heard her paw steps fade. Then I decided to check on Alley and Bull.
They were fighting side by side against the humans. Suddenly Alley collapsed under pressure, and I quickly took action and zapped the human about to attack her. By her side, and her aid, I helped her up, and fought with her.
All of a sudden, there was a big BOOM. We turned, and saw mom and dad emerging, covered in bolts of electricity spazzing around them. They had pulverized the door! I ran up to them.
“Mom, dad! I’m so happy to see you two are okay!” I whimpered and nuzzled them both.
“We should say the same for you.” My father spoke in his deep, concerned tone. “I’ve never been so worried in my life.”
“Hey! A little help?” Bull was caught on a harness. My mother leaped foreword and broke it with her tail. In one swift movement!
I gaped a little, wondering if I would be able to do that someday. But as quick as we went in, my father picked up Alley and I, and my mother had Bull safely on her back. Then we escaped from the prison that kept us for so many years.

My parents set us all down as soon as we were in a nearby forest.
“So what’re you gonna do now Bull?” Alley purred.
“Probably roam around the city. Maybe even find someone special.” His shoulder blades shrugged. Alley snorted, “I’ll believe it when it happens.”
Bull chuckled. “I’d like to see you with a tabby.”
“Excuse me,” I said. “But Alley’s done so much for me, that I’ve taken a liking to her.”
My parents laughed. Then my father spoke, “I’ve never seen a romance like this.”
“Whoa whoa whoa! You don’t even have my approval!” Alley protested.
I chimed in happily at her, “Alley, will you be my mate?”
“We’ll see little one.” Alley smirked.
“Well, I better get going.” Bull sighed. “See you, and thanks for what you’ve done.”
“Bye Bull!” We all said in unison.
“Oh, by the way...” Bull turned to me, “sorry for calling you little.” With a laugh, he ran off.

“Alright guys, let’s get going.” Dad said.
“Going? Where?” Alley asked.
“Somewhere, anywhere but here.” He replied. “His mother and I have some strength left, we should be able to get to some mountains by dark.”
“But its already dark.” Mom replied.
“Really? I’ve been in the dark so long, I couldn’t tell.” He laughed.
“I’ll light the way!” I yipped.
So I climbed onto dad’s back, noticing the strong ripples of his body, clearly representing his might. Alley was on my mother’s back, and since we were already adrift, they were talking. Some female talk, I guess. Probably about me, too. I saw Alley glance at me once or twice, giggling and smiling. Her blue eyes, so bright. I couldn’t express this feeling. Affection, maybe even love. Yeah, that’s what it felt like.
“Zappy!” I heard Alley’s voice echo in the air. I realized I was staring at her for some time now.
“Yeah?” I hollered back. My parents flew closer so we could hear, see, and touch each other’s noses.
“Yeah.” She nodded. Yeah?
“Yeah what?” I inquired.
“Zappy!” Alley sighed. I’ll be your mate.”
All the love I explained surged through like a lightning bolt once again. As strong as the wind blew through Alley’s gorgeous black fur. My horns sparked together, and suddenly two flaps of membrane penetrated out of my back.
“You weren’t kidding...” Alley gasped.
“Yeah, I wasn’t.” I was just as surprised as she looked. All this time, this is what maturing felt like...
“I got wings! I can fly and twirl in the air!” I shouted.
“Will you be able to take me with you?”
“That’ll take some more maturing to do.” My mother said.
I stretched and looked at my long, quick limbs. I saw the wings, Alley, my parents, and the mountainous land ahead of us.
I’ve never been so happy to want to grow up, just like my dad.

Then we lived Zappily, ever after!


Dear friends I must warn you before you begin that this is the story of two brothers. You may say that it is a concept over used, but let me tell you before you put this down that it is not some story about two brother fighting or coming back together after a long separation. It is merely a story of the bond known by all to be the strongest in existence. So let me take you back, friends to before Facebook and cell phones, before airplanes and blue jeans , before even America was discovered. In a very small village tucked between a great forest and an even greater mountain lived two brothers...

The thunder of hooves sounded across the field of flowing green grass; over the ridge two horses appeared. They were as different from each other as the riders atop them. Upon the leading horse sat an older boy by maybe a few seasons. He had already the features of a man with his strong jaw showing the beginnings of a beard he also sported eyes a green as the grass they road on and short dark hair. His horse was bay and built like a stone wall strong and compact like it’s rider. The boy slightly behind (but not by much) was just that; a boy. He was delicate and if anyone was really looking they would find incredibly beautiful (for a boy at least). Well, the former was attractive he was nothing like the boy. He had eyes of pale blue with flecks of gold buried near the iris. Hair like a ravens wing hung down past his chin and delicate cheek bones were set over plump full lips( every girl in the village was envious of him). His horse was a creamy palomino light boned like his rider.
The two rode bareback out across the field, their pace breakneck as they galloped toward a fast approaching fence.
“Ryan, slow down! You’re never gonna make that jump!” urged the younger as he pulled up spotting the fence.
“Oh, come know Mika I’ll be fine!” answered Ryan as he continued toward the looming fence. “Come on Ty let’s show ’em what we got!” he whispered to his horse as he crouched low over its withers waiting for the leap. He let out a sudden cry as the horse came to an abrupt halt nearly sitting down as it stopped. His young rider went tumbling off over the horse’s rump.
The younger of the two broke out into fits of laughter as the horse proceeded to trot off before lowering it head to graze. Ryan stood quickly brushing off dirt before turning to glare at the other boy.
“Oh, you think that’s funny, do you?” he questioned the younger.
“Well, brother you would be laughing too if you saw your face.” Mika answered sobering quickly. He looked over to his brothers grazing mount.
“You better hurry up and get Ty back. Father is expecting us home soon,” Mika said before turning away and heading parallel to the fence.
“Where are you going?” Ryan questioned startled by his usually happy brother sour remark.
“Me and Sam are going to use the gate like intelligent beings,” he answered patting his steed’s neck and continuing on without a second glance. Behind him his brother hurried to catch up.

The two road in silence as the made there way home there village was just insight when Ryan spoke.
“Hey what’s going on with you?” His brother gave him a strange look. “It just you’ve been off lately.
“Ryan,” the younger sighed.
“Un-uh don’t give me that nothings wrong crap. You are upset about something!” He gave his brother a pointed look. “So spill!”
“It’s just that... just something one of the Priests said the other day... it’s fine really!” He added as he saw his brothers angry expressions.
“What did they say Mika?” He sounded surprisingly calm given his expression.
“Does it matter, they’ve always been cruel to me.”
“Yes, but you’re old enough now it’s not the same!” It was quite obvious the topic was familiar.
“Just drop it Ry, I don’t want to talk about it!” Mika brow was furrowed and he looked increasingly worried, but at his brothers final words he couldn’t help, but snap. “Were done talking about this... okay!”
“Fine... but if you ever want to share...”
“I know where to find you” Mika finished. They road in silence the rest of the way, but the tension in both boys was obvious.
Both boys dismounted in front of a small barn by an only slightly larger house made of crooked shingles and appeared to be painted to match the dull tan of the mostly dead field behind it. The field had only a few sparse patches of green and the plants lay rotten on the brown soil. Ryan scanned the field and turned to see his brother doing the same, managing to keep his face blank, but it was clear he was upset. Both knew the Priests had been here.
“Mika!” Ryan yelled as the boy suddenly took off running. He went to follow, but a strong callused hand grabbed his shoulder holding him back.
“Don’t son, he’ll be back soon. He just needs a minute,” Ryan turned to look at his father’s strong, weather worn face smiling sadly at him. “Just let him be.”
“He’s not stupid, Father, he knows they were looking for him.... you said no?” The last part was a question. His father nodded but frowned
“They’re not going to ask much longer eventually they’ll just take him... you know that right Ryan?”
“No, I won’t let them... he’s only a boy.”
“I’m sorry Ryan, but its the way things are!” his father gave him a look to drop it.
“Then things should change!” with that he stormed off in the direction his brother had run.
Ryan found Mika sitting in the middle of the field fingering the locket around his neck absently. His eyes were locked on the huge mountain in the distance. Ryan was heartbroken to see the tears in the young boys eyes.
“Hey you doing alright?” Ryan asked quietly as he sat beside his brother.
“Yeah... just... why does he keep saying no. It’ll be easier if he just let them take me!” Mika’s anger grew with each word.
“He’s just trying to protect you Mika why can’t you except that?”
“Because what does it matter if we all starve anyway! I’m cursed Ry always have been and you know it! It’s why dad tried pushing me down the stairs when I was eight... or how about the time he almost ran me over with his horse when I was ten! Or..or why mom can barely look at me. Come on Ry its over give up! I’m of age and the prettiest boy in the village, of course they want me for a sacrifice and if it saves the village and our family from them then I’ll do it!” At the last words Mika rose and began to walk away again when a shriek sounded from the house. Both brothers looked toward the house, than back at each other.
“Mom!” They spoke in unison. They ran as fast as they could in the direction of the house, Mika falling slightly behind. They could see the smoke rising, as they approached the flames became visible. There mother was just outside being held back by a man dressed in long black robes( a Priest!). Ryan called out for his mother, but she continued to yell toward the house as he got closer he could make out she was calling his father name, in the direction of the section of the house currently caught in an epic blaze.
Ryan ran toward his mother pulling his dagger from it sheath at his hip, intending to take out the Priest dumb enough to mess with his family, when he heard a slight squeal noise from behind him. He spun and saw another Priest holding Mika tightly around the waist. Mika was kicking and crying out, but he was no match for the massive Priest.
“Let him go!” Ryan demanded, but the Priest just laughed.
“And what are you going to do little boy, stick me with that pig poker, don’t you know not to play with Daddy’s grown up toys?” He mocked.
Ryan could only see red. He stormed forward before he heard a weak cry from the direction of the burning house and turned to see his father struggling toward him, several burns visible and covered in black ash.
“Ryan don’t!” Even in his weakened state he still managed to be forceful and commanding causing Ryan to pause, but even his fathers order couldn’t overcome his need to help his younger brother and he quickly turned back. Only to find the Priests and his brother gone by whatever dark magics they possessed. His mother lay in a crumpled heap on the ground crying quietly. She had spent the last ten or so years attempting to distance herself from her doomed youngest, but it was obvious she hadn’t succeeded. Ryan felt a kind of numbness overcome him as he looked at there half burned house the fire had left with the Priests( and Mika too). A sort of grim determination came over him next. No one was going to take his baby brother and get away with it.
He heard his father calling him as he stormed to the barn grabbed Ty tacking him up as fast as possible before heading to the trunk in the corner he pulled out the old broad sword his father hid there. Strapped it to his waist before mounting up and riding fast as he could go into the darkest part of the forest( where he knew the Priests had gone) his parents calls fading away behind him.

Ryan didn’t know how far he had ridden, but he found himself in the middle of an eerily dark forest with not a single soul in sight, save for him and his horse. Ty snorted his displeasure, obviously not thrilled with there current predicament.
“It’s okay boy... I’m sure the fact that this place is so creepy means we’re close to the Priest’s chapel.”
The Priests had two chapels one in town and the other in the center of the darkest part of the forest near the base of the grand mountain. Ryan could see he was near the mountain and he was certainly in a dark part of the forest, but he realized now that the forest was so large he was completely lost. Suddenly he froze looking over at Ty who was turned in the direction of the sound ears perked. Then it came again from the other side of the small clearing. A high pitched girly giggle. Suddenly it was all around them Ryan stared up at the moss covered trees with their claw like branches.
“Who’s there?” He questioned fearfully.
“Oh Rae, I think the the wittle boys lost.” A high voice mocked.
“Yes Mae, I very much agree he must have lost his mummy.” Giggles sounded in the trees.
“Whats wrong with you wittle boy?” The one called Mae questioned from where ever she was perched.
“M-my... brothers b-b-been... kidnapped!” He tried to sound tough only to have it come out sounding weak and fearful.
“And who took him?” Rae sounded honestly curious.
“The P-P-Priests did!” The giggles stopped suddenly
“And you have come to get him back?” Mae’s tone was suddenly dark and serious.
“Yes!” Ryan said as forcefully as he could. He jumped as two lithe figures dropped from the trees landing as soundlessly as cats. Fae( forest people who could live hundreds of years and loved nature) he realized as he took in there small bodies, with there streamlined features. The one he realized must be Mae had short brown gold hair and golden tan skin with strange glowing golden eyes. Rae had shoulder length black hair and pale skin with bright sliver eyes. Mae had a bow and quiver on her back with a knife strapped to her waist. Rae carried a casting staff. Mae were dressed in a red tunics and leggings. Rae had on a purple robe.
“Well, you’re going to need a guide.” Rae stated, it wasn’t a question.
“You know where the chapel is?” Ryan was a little skeptical they didn’t seem very trustworthy with their glinting feline eyes and weapons.
“Of course we know were those horrible creatures live. There essence reeks of sulfur and death all through our beautiful forest!” Mae growled.
“Do you think you could take me there?” Ryan’s confidence was growing now that he knew they had a common enemy.
“Sure.” They said in unison. They both then let out high pitch whistles and moments later two beautiful mares charged from the woods. They reminded Ryan of Mika’s horse with there light boned figures. They moved with such fierce grace it was amazing to see they were no more than ponies standing barely at Ty’s shoulder. Though there most amazing feature by far was there color. The one who trotted up to Mae was bright crimson red, but appeared slightly blood colored in the dim lighting. Rae’s steed was the deep dark purple of the night just before black.
Rae and Mae mounted effortlessly they had no tack and sat bareback clutching there mounts manes. They looked at Ryan expectantly. He clambered on to Ty feeling terribly clumsy in comparison. Before he even had his reins in hand they had taken off into the woods there mounts moving effortlessly over the hazardous landscape. Ryan and Ty struggled, but managed to keep up.

The ride passed in a blur before Ryan realized it they had pulled up in another small clearing. The two Fae signaled for him to dismount, he tied Ty to a nearby bush so he could still graze and followed them. Mae put a finger to her lip to tell him to be quiet and moved forward cautiously. Rae pulled aside some branches so he could peer through revealing the chapel.
It was not quite as intricately decorated as the one in the town, and lacking the great pillars and spires. Actually it appeared nothing more than a low lying shingled building with the exception of its great steel reinforced doors and stained glass windows depicting scenes of chaos and death.
“How do we get in?” Ryan questioned seeing the doors.
“Hey, it’s your brother in there, you gotta find they way in.” Mae put bluntly. Ryan studied the building closely thinking hard about anyway to get past the defenses.
“I’ve got an idea, but I really hope you can shoot as well as I think you can.” He turned to Mae with a wink.

Ryan stood in front of the chapel his sword hidden by a clever spell Rae knew. He sighed and looked up. I’m coming for you Mika, we’ll make it home I promise! He steadied himself and called out.
“Hey, demented excuses for wizards, you’ve got something I want!” It was barely a moment when the first two Priests stormed out. Huge hulking creatures they glared at him with menace in there red eyes. The one on the right started forward pulling out a short, but deadly curved black sword from it sheath and smiling wickedly. Just as he raised it to strike he froze, a raven feathered arrow protruding from his chest. The other Priest barely had time to look toward the trees when an identical one sprouted from his forehead.
Ryan dodged to the side as more Priest guards stormed through the entrance quickly shot by arrows or a few hit by what appeared to be bolts of energy (killing spells he later realized). Smiling seeing Mae and Rae had things well in hand he dodged around the few remaining Priests and into the foreboding building.
It was slightly dank in the dark foyer. He had to descend a short flight of stairs in front of the doors and found himself partially underground. When he looked around he couldn’t see anyone and figured they majority of the Priests must be out fighting (and probably being killed by)Rae and Mae. Ryan moved cautiously forward finding Mika was the only thing he could think about.

Mika was terrified. They had blindfolded, gaged, and bound his wrists when they first brought him to the chapel. When the blindfold was finally removed he found himself in a washroom with a bath filled with strange white petals standing at the center. A young Priest pulled off his clothes and pushed him roughly into the tub. Mika was far too scared to consider fighting back as the young Priest scrubbed him raw with soap and washed his dirty ebony hair. The young Priest then pulled him out and dried him with a soft towel before rubbing a strange oil over his irritated skin making it unnaturally smooth. After he redressed Mika in a pure white tunic and leggings before brushing out his hair and pulling him into another empty room and leaving him. The whole process the Priest did in complete silence and with an air of indifference that suggested he had done it before.
Mika sat there for what felt like forever just waiting. At one point when he was being taken here he had caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror and was shocked by how perfect and innocent he looked( he later figured that was probably to appease the Great Ones taste for the pureness of the boys he took). The only thing they’d let him keep was his locket. He clutched it in his hand his only comfort the knowledge that his family would no longer suffer at the hands of the Priests. It seemed hours before the same Priest came in with a plate of food and a small cup of water. Mika hadn’t realized how starving he was till he saw the small hunks of bread and cheese. He ate both greedily before gulping down all the water. The Priest then grabbed his arm again and pulled him from the room.
The Priest took him to what appeared to be the chapel center. Lines of pews led to a large obsidian alter surrounded by unlit black candles. The Priest led Mika to one of the front pews, pushed him down, and tied him to the arm rest before waking off. Mika studied the alter and found to his horror it was covered in dark red stains.
He turned suddenly when he heard a commotion from behind him. The doors burst open as the Priest that had been supervising him earlier fell through a gaping sword wound in his chest. Over his fallen body stood Ryan bloody and with massive bags under his haunted eyes, but it was his Ryan none the less.
Jumping up as much as he could being tied up he felt a pair of large hands grab him from behind. A knife cut the ropes and he heard the harsh breathing of a Priest in his ear. Ryan froze starring at the Priest currently holding a wicked looking knife to Mika’s exposed throat.
“Put the sword down boy!” The Priest spat.
“Okay... okay just don’t hurt him.” Ryan slowly lowered the sword speaking calmly as to not upset the delicate balance of the situation.
“Ryan!” Mika’s voice sounded terrified as he gazed at his brother longingly. Ryan took a moment to take in his baby brothers appearance. He was dressed in all white and his pale skin had a strange glow to it. His hair was washed and brushed and all Ryan could think was how terribly innocent and perfect his little brother looked.
“Good... now I highly suggest you leave unless you want to see your brother meet an early demise!” The Priest smirked. He lifted one of his large clawed hands and stroked Mika’s silky hair.
“He is strong the Great One will get a good meal from this one.” The Priest smiled.
“You and your little boy eating god can suck it you’re not getting my brother!” Ryan was losing it seeing the Priest touching his brother. Nothing so good and pure as Mika should ever have to go through all of this.
“What are you going to do about it boy?” The Priest spat as Ryan noticed someone approaching slowly from behind. He noticed a flash of gold before the Priest froze. Blood tricked out of the corner of his mouth as knife appeared out of his upper chest. Mika pulled away just as the Priests body collapsed to the floor. Mae stood behind him her hunting dagger in hand.
Ryan ran to Mika pulling him into his arms. Mika was crying as his brother pulled him into a tight embrace. No boy had ever come back after being taken as a sacrifice for the Priest Great One before, he had been so sure he was going to die.
“Hey, baby brother you know I always save my damsel in distress.” Ryan chuckled quietly trying to calm the distressed boy in his arms.
“Hey, I’m not a girl!”
“Could have fooled me!” Ryan smiled down at his brother.
“I’m do happy to see you Ry!”
“Yeah, I’m happy to see you too little brother!”
“Ummm, hate to break up the happy reunion, but we gotta get out of here!” Mae spoke up suddenly. “Me and Rae will finish off any left you two go home.
Ryan turned to her, “thank you so much for helping I know you didn’t have to.”
“Aw, and pass up the chance to get pay back on these S.O.Bs no way we were missing it!” Mae smiled. “Now go on home and don’t some back!” She slapped Ryan playfully on the back ushering him out of the room.

Ryan and Mika had been ridding for a few hours before they reached home. They were ridding double and at a much less breakneck pace then when Ryan had gone charging in to the forest. After saying there thanks and goodbyes Rae had used a spell to light up the forest floor showing them the path home.
The small farm house they called home had been half burnt off. Ryan could just spot his father working to remove some of the debris. His mother was sitting by a small fire out side cooking in a small blackened pot.
Ryan urged Ty into a trot suddenly anxious to be reunited with his family. As they approached his father turned to look at first he looked curious then shocked.
“Ryan? Mika?”
“Father!” Mika cried out jumping down from Ty and running to his father. There father scooped up the boy crying out happily.
“Thank the gods I never thought I’d see you again!” By know there mother had noticed and run over all three embraced joyously. Ryan approach cautiously not wanting to ruin the moment.
“So... I guess you don’t have to punish me for running off.” Ryan ventured with a conman smile.
“Oh, you’re still in a ton of trouble... just not right now!” His father pulled him in to the hug with the rest of his family. Ryan couldn’t think off a time when he was more happy.
The woods sounded with distant giggles and the small family went to fix there life. Finally the villagers and people of the woods were free of the Priests curse.

And that my friends is my tale for the night.
“Oh Grandpa Mika won’t you tell us just one more time?” The small children on the floor begged.
“ Alright.. Dear friends I must warn you before you begin that this is the story of two brothers...”

Thorns, Roots, and Scotch-Taped Knees (Charlie)

This story is about a day last June when a bunch of us guys went over to Brian Awalt’s house for his birthday party; me, Brian himself, Cooper, Jared, Gordon, Nick, and Raymond Maddox. Many things happened that day, night, and morning (we barely slept). We ate, fought, played video games, and swam (Jared and Cooper almost got electrocuted by Nick in a hot tub).
The day started with all of us showing up in ones and twos. We began by shooting around on an eight foot rim, barely playing defense, and trash talking (the usual: “You might have gotten two inches of air on that” or the like). Since I was one of the taller ones, I had no trouble dunking. We then migrated over to the pool area, where I read instead of going swimming. In case if you didn’t guess, I hate swimming. Not because I’m bad at it; but because every time I swim in water colder than 80 degrees I feel like I’m getting hypothermia. After that, all of us guys got in the hot tub, which I can stand to be in. Our total size seemed to exceed the acceptable, and half the water in the tub ended up on the ground outside. (Note: later, Cooper told me a story. He and Jared were hanging out in the hot tub, alone, and Nick came over and tried to turn on the radio. Somehow, he managed to damage the hot tub and nearly electrocute Cooper and Jared).
To pass the time, we we went into the basement and played video games. Once there, some of the guys fired up MLB 2K 11.
After a few minutes of watching, I asked, “Can I play?”
Brian let me take his spot against Gordon, and it turned out that I was an excellent pitcher. I beat Gordon in my first time ever playing that game.
Then the pizza arrived. Each of us fell on it like vultures, decimating a pizza in the first few minutes. The soda bottles emptied quick, too.
Next, I’ll talk about the most dangerous thing of all; an airsoft gun war at 1:00 in the morning. It started slow and easy. We traded guns, divided into teams, and set off into separate directions. Hills, rocks, and trees surrounded us, and it was near impossible to see, even with a bright moon. Things got interesting, though, when my team encountered the other. My team began pursuit, and we split up. Of course, none of us could have tracked a bulldozer in broad daylight, let alone several people in the dark. The “chase” developed into all of us walking around, trying not to shoot people on our own team. That doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy ourselves. Few things are more fun than trying to shoot someone else in the dark.
About a half hour after we had started I was walking by a deep ditch that was beside the dirt road I was walking on. As I was reloading, I heard a rustling from the ditch. Curious, I didn’t shoot (actually, I couldn’t see anything in the ditch and didn’t want to look like an idiot). Out crawled Cooper, covered in scratches. Running, he had fallen down the ditch into a group of thorn-bushes. Even though we were on different teams, neither one of us shot one another. Probably because I was laughing and couldn’t aim.
The second injury happened a short time later. Our teams had reformed into two clear groups, and my team was in pursuit. We chased them across a field, and just as they reached the cover of a tree, Gordon tripped. Diving behind the tree, he smashed his knee onto a big, thick root. This paused the game; we let a hobbling Gordon and his team walk back to the house.
You would think that after two injuries during the airsoft gun wars, we would have just gone inside and slept. But no; a couple hours later, we were out doing the exact same thing. That was when our third (and thankfully final) injury occurred.
I was running after someone yet again (actually, I don’t think I was ever chased myself). While running on a dirt path, I slipped on some loose gravel and fell. Stopping my fall with by hands and knees, I didn’t even think I got cut. Minutes later, I was walking outside a garage with floodlights, and saw blood staining my knees and my shins. As I examined myself in the dim light, I found blood across my knuckles, too. Since it didn’t hurt, I didn’t go inside for a while. When I did, I found that band-aids could only do so much. As a quick fix, I wrapped my knees in Scotch tape. Looking back, probably not the best idea. It held up, but ripped off half the hair on my legs.
After we settled down inside with tired legs, scratches, and bruises, some people boxed while the others played Xbox. I boxed Brian, and won. Some other matches were Cooper and Gordon, and Brian and Gordon. Since we boxed with big, foamy, green Hulk gloves, we didn’t get hurt. Except Cooper, who seemed to have the worst luck of anyone there. When he got punched, the hard plastic handle in the glove popped out and hit him in the eye. I played Ping Pong, which I seemed to be the best at. Cooper, Brian, and Nick were pretty good, though.
Within the next few hours, several of us fell in and out of sleep. Nick and Brian were the first to go, and then I realized how exhausted I was. I had been up for almost a full day, so it wasn’t hard to go to sleep. I remember trying to keep my eyes open and talk, but it seemed that the harder I tried to keep them open, the faster I fell asleep. Almost everyone fell asleep at one time or another, until we were called upstairs for breakfast.
I wandered through the morning in a daze. I could barely follow a conversation, and I talked even less than usual. That morning there were no airsoft guns or boxing; I just tried to collect all the stuff I had left around the house. We left the same way we arrived, in ones and twos over a few hours. As soon as my dad arrived to pick me up, I dozed in the car. I was too exhausted to do anything else.
That was probably the best birthday party I had ever been to. We had a ton of fun, ate great food, and I think we can all say that it was overall an excellent night.

Joey's World

Joey's World - By: Brian

“Whoooooa, now that was a close one.” I slammed the door behind me, twisted the lock, and dashed upstairs to my room. I looked out the window and John and his gang were still outside waiting for me to come out. They should know by now after 4 years I will never go outside and be their punching bag. Besides they just run away when my parents get home by 3:30 anyways and it is 3:05 when I get home after my daily run thanks to John. The worst thing about it is that they pick on me cause I am tiny, smart, and just don’t fit in. I can’t take the bus or they will just go on that and that would just be suicide, and the bus driver doesn’t pay attention and probably just doesn’t care.
My life has been kind of tough over the past couple years with obviously John, my parents have been arguing since my dad has been drinking more than often, and to top it off I can’t even talk to girls especially Delilah. So thats my life right now and wait I forgot to tell you my name, sorry, that was kind of rude, but I am Joey Frenski. Just to give you a visual of myself I am 13 years old, a whooping 4’11 95 pounds, have brown eyes, and light brown hair. For my personality is I would have to say I am super shy, smart but don’t pay attention in school, don’t care what people think about me, and just not a social person. I think you should know my best friend is Danny Cornwell. I call him Duke cause he loves Duke Blue Devils for their sports. Now one more thing is that I have a watch that is my very lucky watch. It is my lucky watch because one day when I got chased by John and his friends I was wearing that watch and escaped them for the very first time. I have always worn it since and never been caught by them after school ever again. Anyways that is a little about me and this is my world.
“EHHH! EHHH! EHHH!” the alarm sounded as I felt like chucking it across the room from that everlasting sound stuck in my head. I got up snoozed the alarm and felt sad as another day of school was to come before me. So I showered, devoured breakfast, and brushed my teeth. I was so tired from watching Netflix all night so I looked like a zombie roaming the house. I just about flipped out when I saw someone on the couch because my parents are usually at work by now. It was only my dad sleeping on the couch so no worries. He didn’t look to well though so he might have stayed home from work. Worse, he could have got kicked out of the room again from mom and hasn’t waken up yet.
I stood outside waiting for the bus to come and get me, and John doesn’t go on the morning bus, thank God. I kicked a rock for time to pass by and felt that I was missing something, but what the heck I’m to tired to care. I saw the bus and was preparing for another...crazy day. When I got on the bus there was Delilah looking beautiful as ever. I just couldn’t get my eyes off her...and then I tripped in the aisle. Everybody started laughing except Delilah cause she is different than other people but I’m pretty much used to people laughing at me. Then right when a I sat down I realized something horrific. I didn’t have my watch on.
“No, no, no this can’t be happening.” I sighed desperately.
I already started the day off bad and it can only get worse without my watch. I just couldn’t get my mind off all the bad things that might happen while I was thinking on the bus. Especially if John decides he wants to chase me today. When I got off the bus the first person I saw was John and I tried to keep my distance. Obviously he doesn’t cause he came right up to me and pushed me right in the chest which knocked the breath out of me.
“Ready for some running today Joe. I see your not wearing your stupid watch, maybe your luck has just run out.” John whispered in my ear.
I stood there silent as he walked away with my heart feeling as if it was going to explode. I snapped out of it and went into the school. I couldn’t get what John said to me out of my head but I watch can’t protect me I will be just fine, I think. I went into homeroom and got my stuff ready for first period and went to social studies. I took my seat and saw “POP QUIZ” written on the white board. I turned to Duke with a lot of nervousness.
“Dude we have a quiz today! I am totally not ready for this. I think I am going to bomb it.” I said frantically.
“Yeah me too, I hate social studies.” Duke replied.
The teacher handed us the quizzes and told us to get started. I tipped my head back and sighed deeply. For about the whole class I was staring at the clock and somehow I finished right in time. I was just not having a good day and could not focus at all. In math I lost my vocabulary notes, in science I couldn’t even read without stuttering, and then in E.L.A. I deleted my whole story by accident. I just couldn’t do anything right today and couldn’t wait for school to get over.
When school sounded I took off like a olympic runner in a race to the exit. Unfortunately John saw me running like a wild man. Then he took off in a blink of an eye. I shoved the exit doors out of my way not letting them slow me down. When I got to the end of the road I had to take a quick breather but saw John right behind me. I knew he wanted me real bad this time and I didn’t think that I would get much farther. Then a light bulb turned on in my head.
I turned the corner like I was still running hard but I hid around the corner and got my gatorade out and opened it. I heard his footsteps coming down hard so right when he turned the corner I doused him right in the eyes with my gatorade and then socked him one right in the face. Right after that I felt like flash I was running so fast to my house. When I got to my house John was nowhere in sight so I that was a relief. I went upstairs to my room when I saw John coming down the road looking like he was in awful pain. I hollered to him to see if he was ok. He just dropped down to the ground. I took off downstairs and went outside.
“John! John! Are you alright!” I yelled.
“I can’t see come help me up!” John yelled angrily.
I went over there right when I helped him up he punched me in the stomach and pushed me down. I charged right at him and took a swing but he dodged it and tripped me.
“Now your really gonna pay, and no one is here to stop me.”
He picked me up and when he was just in mid swing a rock cam flying and hit his head. I was so surprised to see who I saw was there.
“Stop John, and just go home.” Delilah hollered.
John took off sprinting to his house holding his head and moaning in pain.
“Thanks, I didn’t know what I was going to do, and you got a arm.” I said.
“No problem, and yeah I got the best arm on our softball team. You know John’s a jerk don’t let him get you down, and if you want to dodge him after school I guess you could come hang out with me.”
“Yeah I would like that a lot, thank you.” I replied.
She went back to her house which is right down the road and couldn’t be any happier. I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow after school and the next day and the next day and the next day. I called Duke and told him how I was going to be hanging out with Delilah for now on after school. If I can say so myself I think he was pretty jealous.
Time was flying by hanging out with Delilah and I really felt like I meant something I guess. We really started being good friends and people started accepting me a little more. There was still some people that were not very fond of me, which you should know was John and his friends. After about a couple weeks of me getting more popular John came up to me in front of everyone even Delilah at the park after school.
“Hey, so you think your a big shot now huh? Well lets see who the bigger man is then.”
“John, this isn’t about fighting so leave me alone and I’ll do what I do and you can do what you do.”
“Just like the old Joey backing down and scared. Your not going to get out of this one, Joey.”
“I’m not scared but I’m not going to waste my time on a pathetic person as yourself, now bye.”
I walked away standing up tall not caring what John said because I know I am the bigger man. It didn’t go to well with him though. The next thing I know I was in bad pain in the back of the right knee, and on the ground. I looked up to see John who was just staring at me. Then “Boom!” he was right out of my sight when Duke tackled him into the ground. Next I saw John’s friends get Duke up and shoved him to the ground. That’s when I lost it bad. I got up and got Jack and Michael (John’s friends) off Duke and shoved them to the ground.
“There you go Joey now you ready?” John said anxiously.
“Don’t do it Joey he’s not worth it.” Delilah said.
I was trying to blank everyone out and focused on John. I charged and took a swing at him but he dodged it. He took a swing at me I stepped back and then lunged forward at him and got him to the ground. I got a couple of good punches on him. He shoved me off him and took a good hard swing at my face. His fist hit me right in the side of the head and I dropped.
“I knew you were weak, Joey. Don’t even get up, that would be the wise choice.”
I think I started to black out but I wasn’t ready to quit now. I was a little shaky getting back up but I did.
“Wrong choice.” John said
He charged right at me and took another swing but I dodged this one and took another but I stepped back. He was getting frustrated and I just kept dodging and dodging. I so him huffing and puffing and I knew what to do. Right after his next swing I ducked and swiped him off his feet with my kick to his right leg. He was knocked out of breath. I gave him a good kick to the side of the stomach and he was done. He rolled over on his stomach and just laid there. Everyone was silent, then there was clapping and cheering. I was so tired and Delilah walked me home
The next day when I was at school I saw John. He was acting normal and everyone was looking at me like I was really somebody. I felt like a superstar and I liked it. Then I saw John and he did something I never would of imagined in billion years. He gave me a respectful nod. That made my school year and I knew I was finally somebody that means something.